Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Really enjoying the training

Still training...
Workouts are getting longer and more intense.

We both really love our workout times.

My runs are go from not great (because of a hard workout) to fan-freakin'-tasic.

Our workouts are typically simple in nature. We use our own body weight to lift. So one short easy (his words not mine, but compared to other workouts it was easy) day for me I alternated between squats and pushups. I ended with a kettlebell workout.

Thursday, February 18, 2010

Training And How It is Going

I'm in some pretty good pain right now. Like my eyelids hurt. Somehow it is good pain. Right...

All the sudden I can warm-up with 15 push-ups, lots of lunges, and kettlebell swings. There is something to someone telling you what to do...
My booty is getting bigger. My body is getting smaller. My ears and nose. Bigger. I'm really unsure how I feel about this.
I went on a slow as snot run today. Legs seemed more powerful. My posture is better throughout my run. And besides the basic (when I say basic. I'm talking every step hurts. joke) soreness from increasing my trainings (lifting-I've really decreased my running log) my runs aren't too bad. Tomorrow my workout is two-handed kettlebells swings 60 sec. on, 60 sec. rest for 20 minutes. This will be a new workout interval for me.
Jason's workouts are quite hard even for an old gym rat like him. He is on a 6 days a week workout plan. He is tired, but he said his last workout was only like 30 minutes. They are intensive! We come home comparing our war stories of the trainings. The goal for him (really set by the trainer) is to be super lean.

Here is my assessment of the workouts so far. It is freggin' hard. Jason and I both are cranky, sore, tired, happy, and proud. But mostly happy!

Signing up with some girls to run the Hogeye 5K together! Trying to get Jason to run the 1/2. We'll see.

Tuesday, January 12, 2010


My running thoughts and confessions...
1. Why did I eat that muffin?
2. I must look better than drag queen.
3. The first 2 hurt worse than the last 2.
4. I'm pretty sure that both Justin Timberlake and Tom Waits are singing just to me.
5. Next song, next song, next song- I need to work on my music
6. It is really nice that I'm able to pace with the guy next to me on the treadmill. I'm pretty sure he is going 100 mph and reading the paper- this is no joke.
7. Where is my husband? Oh right he just lapped me.
8. This crap is hard...
9. Thank god I have this song- http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=el77mHz2xpU
10. Oh great another random pain. This one is at the back on my thigh (I like to use the technical terms).
11. While singing with headphones on is okay at the trail...no so much on the treadmill at the gym. Crap.
12. I'm actually thinking about my relationship with running during this love song...not my husband. I'm still building my running relationship.
13. 5 more pounds till the 20 pound mark (a recent mantra).
14. I really do love this!

Happy running. Running happy.

Wednesday, December 30, 2009

A personal trainer

I may be getting a personal trainer...more on this later.

Watch for future bitch session about how sore my booty is...why are you looking at this blog again?
No really, I hope that he can help me to be a better runner...oh, right and look good all over too.

The running is fine. I'm really ready for better weather. Our family runs are few and far between. It is a little too cold for little bit in the stroller. The treadmill runs are getting to me.

Jason did go 10 miles one day with the stroller. Lil' J took his nap on the road. He seems to be getting into the running a little more. 


Saturday, December 12, 2009

Eat my words

I'm going to eat my words...
My treadmill runs have been fun this week. I know. I know. I hate the treadmill, but...not so much this week.

I've tried to go as fast I can for 20 minutes, so I can workout a muscle group within my 1 hour lunch break. Hey, the workouts aren't that bad.

I pretty sure Tom Waits helps me go faster. I have a strange girl crush on him.  

Saturday, December 5, 2009

This cracked me up


Back on track

So this week, Jason and I worked out together at this posh new gym. We did legs. I'll say it again. We did legs. My ass is sore. I haven't done a great leg workout in months. I didn't want to mess with my runs. I slowed down on my runs this week, so we did legs (third time).

After my workout, I have not been able to much without discomfort, like even sit at my desk. But I missed doing legs. It is a nice feeling, and in the end it will make me run faster. Right? It better!

After Thanksgiving (two of them), homemade cupcakes, Jason shopping without self-control, and a "few" beers, I can't wait to get back on the road for a good run.

Do my legs still hurt? yep.
Will it feel better when I run? yep.