Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Trying for 10

Jason and I are trying to get in 10 miles of running a week. My running is typically during my lunch hour. So, 2-3 miles is a pretty good run during that time. I have to account for my driving time, changing, and cleaning up. Geez no one wants a stinky runner in thier office all afternoon. I have to admit...I do stay in my jogging clothes sometimes and shut my door for awile.

Well, at lunch today I needed to run an errand (I went shopping at a thrift store....and hit pay dirt!).

I have been running this week 2 miles here 3 miles here, but not Jason. He ask me to go with him on his run this the dark. I said I was sore, so I wouldn't be doing too much. I should have known...we put in well over 4 miles (this is a lot for me...don't judge). We just kept running and running. It was good for me~I needed to step it up a little.

He did leave me in the dust most of the time (did I mention he was also pushing the stroller...what a stud!)

Next time I will wear this though... 

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Got in a good one

I took a day off before we left on a weekend vacation. I had the best run!

I went to Wilson Park for some hills. I timed myself on my first lap. I haven't timed myself in quite awhile.

(sorry to yell, but I was so stinkin' excited)

I ran it at around 9 minutes. I ended up going 4 laps, and needed to go home.

Just so you know...I ran it in my new arm warmers

No running while out of town- BOO. Got a few laps in when we returned.

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Still going...

Yep, I'm still going! I'm still trying to get in a run here and there. I stop timing myself. I still love it!

I'm running to just RUN

Today's workout:
15 sets of legs
20 minute run on treadmill- Boo to the rain! I hate the treadmill. 
6 sets of hardcore abs...most ab workouts are hardcore for me.

Here is my new gear for the fall/winter runs


I made a pair this evening. I took me a few minutes, no joke, a few minutes. Click here for the DIY link I used.

See you on the trails!