Thursday, February 18, 2010

Training And How It is Going

I'm in some pretty good pain right now. Like my eyelids hurt. Somehow it is good pain. Right...

All the sudden I can warm-up with 15 push-ups, lots of lunges, and kettlebell swings. There is something to someone telling you what to do...
My booty is getting bigger. My body is getting smaller. My ears and nose. Bigger. I'm really unsure how I feel about this.
I went on a slow as snot run today. Legs seemed more powerful. My posture is better throughout my run. And besides the basic (when I say basic. I'm talking every step hurts. joke) soreness from increasing my trainings (lifting-I've really decreased my running log) my runs aren't too bad. Tomorrow my workout is two-handed kettlebells swings 60 sec. on, 60 sec. rest for 20 minutes. This will be a new workout interval for me.
Jason's workouts are quite hard even for an old gym rat like him. He is on a 6 days a week workout plan. He is tired, but he said his last workout was only like 30 minutes. They are intensive! We come home comparing our war stories of the trainings. The goal for him (really set by the trainer) is to be super lean.

Here is my assessment of the workouts so far. It is freggin' hard. Jason and I both are cranky, sore, tired, happy, and proud. But mostly happy!

Signing up with some girls to run the Hogeye 5K together! Trying to get Jason to run the 1/2. We'll see.

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